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Sell My Timeshare for 30-50% More

Selling your timeshare does not have to mean losing your investment. Bay Tree Solutions understands timeshare marketing — all we do is rent and sell timeshares!

Don't be confused by negative and misleading information you may read online: your timeshare has a value.

Our Approach

Bay Tree Solutions only works with select resort properties of our choosing, based on marketability. By avoiding depressed properties and desperate sellers, our clients are able to sell their timeshares at prices 30-50% higher than our closest competitors.

Our friendly staff will be there to assist you throughout the resale process, and at closing there are no brokers fees, commissions, or hidden costs. We’re so confident our program is the fastest way to sell your timeshare, we guarantee it.

We invite you to read more about How to Sell Your Timeshare for insider tips on how to navigate the resale process with Bay Tree Solutions.

Here's What People Have Said About Bay Tree Solutions…

Our experience with Bay Tree Solutions definitely exceeded our expectations. We were skeptical at the beginning because of previous experience with timeshare developers and marketing companies, but were pleasantly surprised. BTS has helped us accomplish our goal of offsetting some of our timeshare maintenance expenses with reasonable rental offers.
— C. Iftner
We hired Bay Tree Solutions to advertise our timeshare, and were pleased with the performance and professionalism they extended to us. We did not know when we bought that the resort would not sell the property for us – among other things! Learn as you go with the resorts. Thank you Bay Tree!
— S. Klausner
I had the misfortune of realizing I needed to sell my timeshare right at the onset of the economic collapse in 2008. At this point in time I felt I would be burdened with my timeshare purchase for life. Although personally I felt discouraged, I was put at ease by the Bay Tree staff; even having spoken a number of times with the company's Director himself. Sure enough, my decision to keep my property listed with Bay tree Solutions turned out to be a true blessing. Shortly after the market picked up, the exposure I was given by Bay Tree proved itself worth every penny. I was able to sell my timeshare for more than I ever thought possible, even amidst the most trying of times. I will say to you what I say to all my loved ones looking to sell a timeshare: Call Bay Tree Solutions. They are courteous, professional and have an amazing program in place to pleasantly surprise you. Thanks Bay Tree!
— R. Martin
When we came across Bay Tree Solutions we had been spinning our wheels trying to sell and rent our timeshare for a long time. Since we bought the timeshare in 2009, we never even used one week. Bay Tree explained their program, and showed us that their website came up on the first page of search results for our property. We listed our property and have received numerous offers. I would recommend Bay Tree to anyone who needs to sell a timeshare!
— Greg K, New Jersey

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