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New Site, New Logo, New Blog


As of June 1st, you may have noticed some changes here at BayTreeSolutions.com. After over a year of development and planning, the newest version of our site is now live for you to enjoy! Many of the new features we have implemented were based on feedback provided by our clients and users. Some of these include: a fully responsive design that looks great on mobile devices, desktops, and everything in between, larger photos, easier navigation, and online timeshare financing that displays the lowest available monthly payment right alongside the price of the property. (An Industry first)

Example of Low Monthly Payments

We have also introduced an iconography that makes shopping for timeshares much faster and simpler for potential buyers.

 Bay Tree Iconography

Our new logo represents the evolution of Bay Tree Solutions over the past 11 years. Some may recognize the iconic “Laurel Crest” around our name: The Laurel Crest is a symbol that dates back to ancient Greece where it was used to denote victory. Bay Tree 2017 Logo

The Crest is composed of two branches from the “Bay Laurel” tree, otherwise known as a “Bay Tree.” To us, each branch represents a different principle of our company’s services: Effective Advertising on one branch, and Public Relations on the other. Combined, these form a “V” for our clients’ victory in the sale of their timeshares.

Back in 2009, we launched a blog site called Helptimeshare where our CEO, Doug Milbrath, blogged about timeshare issues, industry developments, and our favorite resort properties.  Over time we found that hosting the blog on a different URL may have been confusing to some users, and it never really connected as we had hoped. As part of our 2017 redesign, we re-launched the blog as an integral part of BayTreeSolutions.com. We will be using this forum to address issues of importance to our users, and we encourage you to check back regularly. The new blog will support “guest bloggers,” and we look forward to bringing you views from leading voices throughout the industry. We also brought over some of the top content from the old blog site that our users may find of interest. Reviewing some of our oldest posts, we’re proud of the evolution that’s occurred both within our organization and in the broader timeshare industry.

Bay Tree Solutions encourages our users to explore the new features and content you’ll find on our new site. We also want to give special acknowledgements to our partners at rietta.com, far and away the best coding team ever! As always, our commitment to our users and clients is continual improvement and we are far from done. Bay Tree Solutions is proud to be THE Timeshare Marketplace.

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