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Our Guarantee Just Got Better!


For more than 11 years, Bay Tree Solutions has guaranteed to be the fastest way to sell your timeshare: If you advertise your timeshare through our program and you (or anyone else) sell it through any other means, we will refund your fee in full. Offering this guarantee not only assures our clients that we are committed to the process, it pushes us to always be the best.

Previously, in order to qualify for the guarantee, the sale price would need to be within 35% of your original asking price. (If you advertised a timeshare for sale at $10,000, you could sell it on your own for as low as $6,500 and receive a full refund of your advertising fee.)

Our goal has always been to help our clients sell for a "fair price;" less than retail, but ideally as much as possible given market conditions. Client feedback indicated that the terms of our guarantee could create pressure to lower the initial asking price in order to qualify, which was never our intent. Accordingly, Bay Tree Solutions revised the terms of our money-back guarantee effective October 17, 2017 as follows:

If you advertise with Bay Tree Solutions and then sell your timeshare on your own, or through another company, within 50% of your original asking price, Bay Tree Solutions will refund your fee in full!

This is far and away the strongest guarantee ever offered in the industry. Now, if you advertise a $10,000 timeshare for sale, you could sell it outside our program for as low as $5,000 - and still receive a full refund. Just another way Bay Tree Solutions is redefining the timeshare resale market; creating a fair and equitable marketplace for our clients and potential buyers.

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