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Orange Lake Timeshares: Weeks and Points on the Resale Market
by Doug Milbrath, CEO



As an Orlando native, Orange Lake Resort & Country Club has always had a special appeal for me; I had friends whose parents worked there that were quite successful people who made a positive impression, the golf courses are so well regarded that locals will voluntarily drive down into the tourist traffic (a rare event in O-town) just to play a round, and when my drive to work took me past the entrance daily for several years it was literally the most beautiful part of my drive. It was not uncommon for Orlando residents to buy timeshare at Orange Lake and use it solely for exchange through RCI, because it traded so well. These days Orange Lake has grown into a titan of the timeshare industry under the brand Holiday Inn Club Vacations (HICV). Much of the company’s recent growth is likely due to the popularity of its internal points program; allowing owners much more flexibility in how they can vacation.

If you are considering buying a timeshare resale at Orange Lake in Orlando, then you should start by deciding whether or not you want to participate in the points program. Many of the timeshares for sale at Orange Lake are deeded weeks, and you will not receive access to the HICV points program on the resale market. If the points are a “must-have” for you, then you’ll need to focus on the transferable HICV products like the Orange Lake Land Trust. If, however, you are buying to use your timeshare at Orange Lake most of the time (which is fairly common), and perhaps do some exchanging through RCI, then buying a deeded week might make more sense and save you money.

How to Know What You’re Getting

Once you’ve found an Orange Lake resale that fits your needs, we suggest you contact the resort directly to confirm what transfers with the specific timeshare you are buying. Since only Orange Lake can set the policies for HICV points, you should verify your understanding with them prior to completing the sale. Additionally, almost any time you see a timeshare for sale online the legal description of the property is based on the owner’s recollection. While most timeshare sellers take care to accurately describe what they are selling, taking time to verify the specifics with the resort is always a good idea.

The Value of Buying HICV Points

There are numerous quality Holiday Inn Club Vacations resorts nationwide, with more coming online as the company expands. If you love the idea of vacationing in these properties and you want the flexibility of using any size unit, for any number of days, and during any season, then you should definitely buy the points. On the resale market these are generally the newer offerings that involve a “trust,” as opposed to older weeks-based deeds. When you purchase a transferable Orange Lake points timeshare you’ll have access to Club Membership, with annual club dues that pay for the privilege of using the points program. Currently, you’ll find these transferable ownerships for sale at the Orange Lake Land Trust, Scottsdale Resort, Lake Geneva Resort, and South Beach Resort. As the program expands, more transferable trusts will likely come available on the resale market, so this list should not be considered exhaustive. Once you’ve verified the transferability of your HICV points resale and the closing is completed, you’ll get to enjoy one of the timeshare industry’s newest and most popular points programs for years of great vacations.

The Value of Buying a Deeded Week at Orange Lake

Whether you love the golf, the proximity to Disney World, the onsite water park and lake, the well-designed luxury condos, or a combination of all the above, buying a deeded week at Orange Lake on the resale market could suit your needs and save you thousands. From the moment you pull into the guard gated entrance for check-in, owning timeshare at Orange Lake is a first-class experience. The resort is comprised of four distinct villages, each with its own amenities and flavor; the West Village, the East Village, the North Village, and River Island. Your typical two-bedroom villa here will feature a fully equipped kitchen, private balcony, washer/dryer, a jetted tub in master, multiple flat panel TVs, and room for up to 8 people. Should your vacation plans take you away from Orlando one year, you can join RCI and exchange easily to thousands of resorts worldwide. Since sellers of fixed weeks know the buyer will not receive the same points benefits, they are often more negotiable on the sale price. Plus, unlike HICV points owners, you will save $136 on club dues each year.

If you can live without the points, you’ll save money across the board with an Orange Lake Orlando resale. Here’s a great example: This two-bedroom week “37” in the West Village is priced to move – and the seller is negotiable!

Weeks or Points? Either Choice is a Winner

No matter how you plan to use your Orange Lake timeshare, buying one on the resale market is a great decision that your family will thank you for. It really does come down to what you want and there is no wrong answer. If you love the flexibility of the points, then make sure you buy a transferable HICV ownership. If you can’t wait to get back to Orange Lake for another memorable vacation, buy a deeded week and enjoy substantial savings across the board. Shop our inventory of Holiday Inn Club Vacations timeshares and find your perfect match, or explore selling your timeshare with Bay Tree Solutions!

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